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Programming Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Computer Vision

by V. Miszalok
  Visitors since 01-01-2002

First Time User's Guide: Introduction Into All Courses
Anleitung für Anfänger:   Introduction Into All Courses

Short Courses on 2D-Computer Graphics

Introduction, Drawing, Animation, Vector-Graphics in XML, Controls
Course 2D_Cis C# + Windows Forms
Course 2D_WPF C# + Windows Presentation Foundation
Course 2D_Silverlight HTML + XAML + C#
Course 2D_MFC C + MFC
Course 2D_Java  Java

Short Courses on 3D-Computer Graphics

Moving Triangles, Light and Texture, Mesh Files, Interactive 3D Animation
Course 3D_XNA    C# + XNA
Course 3D_MDX    C# + Managed DirectX
Course 3D_WPF    C# + Windows Presentation Foundation
Course 3D_OpenGL    C + OpenGL

Short Courses on Image Processing

C1: Bitmap, C2: Histogram, C3: Filter, C4: Lowpass, C5: Convolution
You have the choice between three nearly identical versions in C#, C++ and Java.
Course IP_SL    Silverlight 4
Course IP_Cis    C# + Windows Forms
Course IP_MFC    C + MFC
Course IP_Java    Java

Short Course on Computer Vision

C1: Cells, C2: ChainCode, C3: Polygon, C4: Simple Recognition, C5: Fourier Recognition, C6: Fourier Transform
Course CV_Cis    C# + Windows Forms             

Short Course on the DICOM Medical Image Format

C1: Dicom Header, C2: Dicom Tags, C3: Dicom Image
Course DICis    C# + Windows Forms             

Short Comparison of Windows Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Browser APIs

Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, Java, Flash
APIs      Compare WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, Java, Flash