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Amazon's Cloud and Partner Services

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Why Amazon ?

Since years Amazon is experimenting with new business models for third party sellers and competes with eBay for private resellers. Since 2006 there are powerful APIs for any part of Amazon's business. Thus Amazon has been the pioneer of cloud computing long before Microsoft and Googled entered the cloud computing market.
Amazon's business is model is now to offer its mature APIs to everybody and to open its private cloud infrastructure to the public.
Amazon's cloud has a good reputation as being mature and simple to use and big companies as IBM and Oracle offer their cloud services through Amazon EC2.
Unlike Microsoft and Google there is no free service at all but 3 basic sorts of charges:
1. hourly charge, 2. data transfer charge and 3. charge for allocated and unused Elastic IP address.

Amazon Web Services AWS

AWS is the generic term of a collection of infrastructure services such as S3, EC2, CloudFront, SimpleDB and SQS.
Same important drawback as Google's cloud: There is no SQL-Database available yet.
See: Wikipedia: AWS

Amazon Simple Storage Service = Amazon S3

S3 is a web service to store and retrieve any type of files in the cloud.
See: Wikipedia: S3

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud = Amazon EC2

EC2 uploads an Amazon Machine Image AMI containing a program, its libraries and data and on demand starts an instance inside Linux, Solaris or Windows Server 2003. Running a small standard instance costs 10 cent/hour using Linux and 12.5 using Windows.
See: Wikipedia: EC2

IBM Blue Cloud

Since 2008 Blue Cloud is focused on big business applications offered via the Amazon cloud.
The most interesting service is IBM's powerful database DB2. Other Web Services are: IBM Informix, IBM Lotus Forms Turbo, IBM Lotus Web Content Management, IBM Mashup Center, IBM WebSphere sMash and IBM WebSphere Portal Server.
IBM offers these services through the Amozon cloud, where EC2 runs these IBM services as AMIs.
You just have to pay Amazon's hourly and data transfer charges ($ 0.4/ hour for standard small DB2 service).
See: Getting Started with Amazon EC2 running IBM.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle partnered with Amazon in the same way as IBM does. The Oracle Linux-databases are available to the public as Amazon Machine Images.
See: Oracle in the Cloud and Deploying Oracle Database on Amazon EC2.

Yahoo Cloud

Yahoo has no cloud offering for the public but gives access to his 4,000-core, 1.5-petabytes-of-storage M45 cluster to selected research institutions as Carnegie Mellon University, University of California at Berkeley, Cornell University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

HP Cloud

comprises six physical locations where mostly HP servers containing between 1,000 and 4,000 mostly Intel cores will run Apache Hadoop. HP gives access to its cloud to academics and research institutions as University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

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